Conscientious Objectors on Dartmoor

We stand united – a poem by Neve Heartwood

We stand united with shovels in hand, not rifles. Brave men, we face a different enemy; a private war, fought on home soil. We wish for freedom for all mankind, why is that so detested? Is it wrong to respect life? To take it, steal it from a parent, wife or child… And so we […]

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Crizanne Bracken


A young Australian designer who travelled to London on an internship to pursue her passion for fashion and textiles has won our competition for a new headwrap design – creating a powerful pattern of interlocking hands. Crizanne Bracken, who studied Applied Fashion Design and Textiles in Australia, won an internship at the luxury fashion house Karl […]

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Jayne Wackett taking down Heart of Conflict

Taking down Heart of Conflict

A poignant few hours on Saturday (1 July 2017) at the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro, as we took down our exhibition Heart of Conflict – looking at Cornwall during World War One. It’s amazing how quickly all can be dismantled – disconcertingly quickly in comparison with the many hours, days and months the exhibition took to […]

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Smiling in the War – a poem by Molly Heartwood

Smiling in the War   London, East end, 1916. I became a Red Cross nurse two weeks after the war started. It was hard work, long hours and emotionally draining. The hospitals were full of wounded soldiers. Night shifts were the worst; all of the men with shell shock cried out in their dreams, speaking […]

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poetry workshop

Heritage: a poem by Alan Murton

Alan Murton, born in Truro, Cornwall, leads a local creative writing group and attended a poetry workshop led by local author Jenny Alexander at Heart of Conflict, our exhibition on World War One.  He was inspired by this photograph of three fishermen who went back to sea during the war years due to a shortage of younger […]

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Free poetry workshop

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon…. Acclaimed local author Jenny Alexander offered a unique two-hour session at the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro, looking at the searing stories of sacrifice, love and loss presented in our ‘Heart of Conflict’ exhibition.  People created their personal responses to the wartime experiences of the people of Cornwall, through […]

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