Extra history at Trevithick Day this year

It was a blustery day but spirits were high at the Donald Thomas Centre, Camborne, where we staged part of our exhibition Playing For Camborne at Trevithick Day on Saturday. Trevithick Day is when the town celebrates its heritage – lots of fun and lots of people.
Alison Pooley looked amazing in a World War One Red Cross uniform …. Alison’s grandmother, Lillie, worked as a nurse in the Camborne area during the war years. Thank you to Wenches in Trenches for loaning us the uniform.
We’re gathering together more stories ahead of the full exhibition being staged at Camborne Library and Council offices this November. We will be publishing a booklet with all the stories we’ve gathered.  The exhibition looks at a group of miners from Dolcoath who signed up in World War One and Camborne Youth Band who followed in their footsteps to the Western Front in August last year.