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Lecture at Truro College

Great to be at Truro College today (9 February 2022) to talk to students about migration and all the surrounding issues. A run through all our work over the past 15 years…. and our project I PACKED THIS MYSELF.

A new voice joined us at very short notice – Hillary Tan, originally from Kuala Lumpur, who came to study at University in Falmouth four years ago when she was 20.
She has indeed made a long journey to change her life and pursue a dream. She studied Business and Digital Marketing – and dance. Her long-term aim is to set up her own dance school in Cornwall.

Hillary decided to come to the UK as both her parents had studied here. She had heard that Falmouth was a particularly creative university: she is also keen to develop her dance certification – and this originated in the UK so it made sense to study here.

She answered questions this afternoon about a whole range of things.

What she found difficult in Cornwall? The weather!
To what she missed? Malaysian food.  She found English cooking quite limited and didn’t know how to cook at the start.  “My mum wanted me to study. She said she would do the cooking so I had time.”

What was hard? Leaving her family.

“In Asian cultures we’re really close. I grew up with being cared by my grandparents. Not seing them for a long time is hard.  But at least I can see them online.”

Hillary said she had not experienced any racism, even though she found that there were not many Asian students in Falmouth.

The best thing about Cornwall? Picking up sea glass at the beach and the scenery.

The worst thing? The lack of variety in food.

Hillary kindly offered to give advice to any students thinking of studying abroad – or even in Falmouth!

Very many thanks to Euan Beattie for inviting us.