We stand united – a poem by Neve Heartwood

We stand united with shovels in hand, not rifles.

Brave men, we face a different enemy; a private war, fought on home soil.

We wish for freedom for all mankind, why is that so detested?

Is it wrong to respect life?

To take it, steal it from a parent, wife or child…

And so we smile.

We are free; while all around us the madness of war consuming,

Like a sickness taking

Humanity from ones’ soul.

Neve Heartwood

Inspired by a picture taken of Conscientious Objectors at Dartmoor prison on display at Heart of Conflict, our exhibition on Cornwall during World War One at the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro. Neve attended a poetry workshop led by local author Jenny Alexander.

Wilfred Tregenza, a Conscientious Objector from Penzance