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Filming at Parc Eglos Primary School in Helston

Click here to view a short clip of children learning Romanian

We’ve shot a short film at Parc Eglos Primary School in Helston, Cornwall   with Penzance-based photographer Mike Newman about our work on migration and all the issues around it. We ran assemblies and workshops at the school in January 2022 and even taught a little Romanian with the help of Mirabela Robatzchi (Mirabela, originally from Bucharest, is now living in Helston with her family.)  We left behind cut-out cardboard suitcases for children to create and imagine what they would take with them if they had to leave home to make a long journey.

The results are stunning, as we saw today when we returned to see what the children had created.

They were very keen to practice a few phrases of Romanian.

And dance teacher Jo Simms worked with the children to stage an amazing modern dance reflecting the emotions, hopes and fears of people who make long journeys to change their lives.  Click here to watch the film.


We also installed a suitcase exhibition.  This is all part of I PACKED THIS MYSELF, work funded by Cornwall Council via Inclusion Cornwall to break down prejudice and increase understanding of the very many workers from overseas and foreign nationals who play such an important role in the local economy.