I Packed This Myself

I Packed This Myself was originally developed by Bridging Arts with the support of the Diocese of Truro and other groups in rural Cornwall in 2009. We aimed to bring together migrant workers and local communities.  The issues around it are still as relevant as they were ten years ago.

Every year, seasonally, thousands of workers from overseas come to Cornwall. These workers can face hostility and resentment. In rural Cornwall, due to expensive local housing, agricultural workers are often housed in caravans. They can have little contact with local people who often lack the opportunity to meet them. I Packed This Myself aimed to change that.  We created a touring exhibition of suitcases – and ran workshops in schools.  Click here to read an evaluation.

We are currently reviewing our past work – and thinking what we might do in the future. The lack of understanding (on both sides) in rural communities still exists so watch this space. We will be doing some more work in this area soon.

Our original resources included an pack for teachers:  I PACKED THIS MYSELF EDUCATION PACK. We also produced flat pack suitcase maps to be created into ‘real’ suitcases by students. There are still some of these available email or call 07772128014.  To read our original Guide for Group Leaders, click here.

To view a web gallery featured in the Guardian in 2009 of a show in Camborne, Cornwall, click here. The project was showcased by the then Commission for Rural Communities as a national example of good practice – its original title was Let’s Talk.  Various funders – including the Migration Impacts Fund through Communities and Local Government – have supported this work.


 I Packed This Myself works in west Cornwall with migrant workers to break down prejudice